World Wide Menu offers a wide range of materials, colors and textures. Whether you are looking for a highly customized unique cover or a more traditional book cloth cover, World Wide Menu has what you need. Our menus are designed to hold insert sheets under diagonal picture-frame corners, horizontal bar pockets, foursided frames, screw post or three ring metal binders. Most of our menus are turned-edge construction and can be manufactured padded or non-padded.

Classic Menu Cover Collection

One look, one touch and you’ll know these customized menu covers, wine lists and check presenters are not your average menu covers. Rich textures and full foam backing make our menu binder products a must have, for any fine dining establishment. Use personalized foil-stamping and debossing for added flair.

Santa Fe Menu Covers

This quality cover is constructed from a rich textured faux baby ostrich material. Make a bold presentation with these quality covers. You can choose to decorate your menu cover with a laser etched wooden plate, embossed metal plate or foiled debossing. Learn more about our Santa Fe Menu Covers

Corinthian Menu Covers

Corinthian embossed menu covers feature a clean, French-turned edge, and are adorned with exquisite moiré silk lining. Choose your favorite corner shape--angled moiré or sculptured cover stock or go with moiré silk top and bottom catches. Learn more about our Corinthian Menu Covers

Bonded Leather Menu Covers

Nothing says quality like the scent and feel of genuine leather. Fine dining establishments, seeking the exceptional, turn to us when the finest quality leather menu is desired. Bonded Leather is a man made material composed of 95% to 100% Real Leather fibers with a latex binder. Looks and feels like genuine leather, at a fraction of the price. Learn more about our Bonded Leather Menu Covers

Royal Menu Covers

Give your patrons the Royal treatment with these attractive, yet affordable covers. Opaque outside, Royals open to clear inner pockets for stunning presentations. They’re practical, too, with simple clean-up and menu page replacement.

Construction? Top quality! Covers and liners are laminated to sturdy binder board. Next, we edge-sew the pockets with binding tape that matches the liner and complements the outside cover fabric. For an alternative, you can choose elegant raised panels with corner catches.

Each page has stylish silver or brass corners for durability and good looks. For a perfect finish, your name, logo or theme is silk-screened or foil-stamped on the cover.

Want something extra-special? Upgraded and theme covers, like a cowhide print and unique textures, are yours for the asking. Learn more about our Royal Menu Covers