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Restaurant Menu Covers

World Wide Menu Inc. provides supreme quality restaurant menu covers which are available in many different varieties depending upon the styles, sizes, materials and colors. We offer all kinds of restaurant menu covers and holders from premium to lesser expensive to inexpensive products. However, we ensure that all of our products are sturdy, strong and highly durable maintaining their beauty and designing. Therefore, we adhere to the guarantee of our restaurant menu covers before delivering them to our clients.

We use many different materials to create restaurant menu covers making sure that they fit the style and ambience of the restaurants, bars and other dining places. We design our restaurant menu covers in such a way that these perfectly match the foremost content in them, i.e. the food options, its description and respective prices, without much congestion. In addition, we ascertain to match the standards of restaurants and menu covers. Many times, people are dissatisfied with differing standards and we want to circumvent this for the convenience of both the guests and also the clients.

So, when we talk about our restaurant menu covers, there are many kinds of products which are classified under five major collections of menu covers which are namely:-

  • Elite collection
  • Classic Collection
  • Contemporary Collection
  • Table Top Collection
  • Economy Collection

Now, let us get a brief description of all the varieties of restaurant menu covers that fall under these above collection:-

Elite Collection consists of seven varieties which are as follows:-

  • Metal: These are made up of copper or aluminum covers created with variety of color swatches including dark tarnish, Azul, Molted, Distressed, Brushed, Feathered, Rojo, Verde, Zebra, Enchantement and many more. The standard menu sheet sizes of metal menu covers available with us are 4 1/4” x 11”, 4 1/4” x 14”, 5 1/2” x 8 1/2”, 5 1/2” x 11”, 5 1/2” x 14”, 8 1/2” x 11”, 8 1/2” x 14” and 11” x 17”. The styles of these covers are: one view and two view types with corner catches, three panel book four view and double plus types with top and bottom bar, four panel book six view and tri-fold three view types with frames. A multi page type is available with screw post and three ring metal binder is the other type.
  • Silhouette: This has large variety of colors available and is designed to your specification. The color swatches include hunter green, mahagony, mushroom, bisque, black, blue, meadow, and more under faux ostrich category, burgundy, chocolate, dark brown, navy blue, natural and more under faux cowhide, brandy, bronze, copper, gold, green tea, grey, cashew and more under distressed cowhide, aluminum, celadon, graphite, iced teal, moonglow, navy, penny and more under techno metallic print, light blue, light grey, orange, pink, purple, and more under pellaq croco print and celadon, aluminum, graphite, gold, navy and penny under brush diago print. The standard menu sheet sizes and styles with viewing options are same as for the metal menu binder.
  • Two Tone: This is available in two color swatches combinations including copper brushed metallic and black faux leather, nugget and black saddle calf, copper brushed metallic and red faux leather, silver brushed metallic and black leather and more. The standard menu sheet sizes and styles with viewing options are same as for the metal binder.
  • Custom Window Art: This is available in square, oval, rectangle and diamond shape with custom embossed metal plate, laser etched wooden plate or a laminated photo. The color swatches, standard sheet size and styles and viewing options are same as that of silhouette menu binder.
  • Basket Weave: The color swatches include tawny gold, Bryce canyon, bison, antique white, olive grove, earth tone, fennel and more. The size and styles are similar to above.
  • Brushed Metallic: The color swatches include copper, steel, silver, bronze, aubergine, blue, copper kettle and more. Size and styles are similar.
  • Aspen: The front and back panels of aspen covers are available in Mahagony, Walnut, Oak and Cherry colors with similar sizes and styles.

Classic Collection include four varieties which are as follows:-

  • Santa Fe: These are available in color swatches category including faux ostrich, faux cowhide and distressed cowhide. The sizes and styles are similar as that of elite collection menu covers.
  • Corinthian: This is available with exquisite silk moiré lining. The color swatches include premium saddle calf with walnut, charcoal, peacock, dark green, federal blue, bourbon, nugget, oyster and more options and standard saddle calf with red, burgundy, mauve, green, beige, blue, grey, black and more options.
  • Bonded Leather: Black, Burgundy and Green are the three major color swatches with similar sizing and styling options.
  • Royal: This is available with premium saddle calf and standard saddle calf category coloring swatches. And you can choose from silver, black and gold metal corners for elegant raised panels depicting window shape at corners.

Contemporary Collection include four varieties with interior styling and sizing options available in great varieties, same as mentioned earlier in elite collection of menu covers and following color swatches:-

  • Del Mar: It is available in leatherette and summit linen color swatches that include black, burgundy, basil green, hunter green, navy blue, tan, sangria, sea green, violet, beige, cranberry, red and more.
  • Naples: This is available in techno metallic print, pellaq croco print, brush diago print, pellaq lizard print and pellaq glean print with variety of color options.
  • Faux Wood: This is available in cherry, oak, walnut and more colors with variety of standard wood stains and designer wood stains.
  • Cork: These are available in dark cork and light cork color swatches. Adding a unique appearance and texture, these are durable products which also include elegant moiré silk.

Table Top Collection of include following five varieties with custom sizing, shapes and interiors and subsequent color swatches:-

  • Placement: This is made of materials like genuine leather, bonded leather and Castilian faux leather. Color swatches include categories like faux ostrich, faux cowhide and distressed cowhide. This helps in beautifully decorating the dining room with matching colors placements.
  • Wine Books: Used for wine presentation, this kind of menu binder is available in varieties of styles and page insert options. You can choose from our catalog and order the most suitable for your requirement.
  • Check Presenter: It is available in variety of colors and sizing options. You can create a unique look by adding diagonal pockets, pen loop and credit card pockets on them.
  • Hospitality: This kind of menu binder is for in-room menus and phone pads. Collection ranging from standard room directories to desk blotters. You can also order customized pieces.
  • Table Tent: Available in different colors like wine, brown, black, grey and more, this type of menu cover help in displaying daily specials for food, desserts and drink selection. Raised panels and ribbon corners can be designed for them.

Economy Collection include:-

Café Menu Covers: It is an inexpensive as well as durable type of menu binder. It is made of heavy gauge, sturdy, clear or matte finished plastic which are crack-, shrink- or warp- proof. With 11 gauge flexible plastic in clear or matte finish, these can be made of cloth blocked materials, splashy wet looks and Bengaline fabrics. It includes color swatches like red, grotto, black, red, burgundy, blue, green, turquoise, brown, purple, and more. Metal corners with round or square shape in silver, brass, copper and black finishes are available. Interior styling is based upon single two view, two panel four view, double plus six view, tri fold view, three panel book six view and four panel eight view. Five panel book, ten view and six panel book twelve view are available upon request with us.