World Wide Menu offers a wide range of materials, colors and textures. Whether you are looking for a highly customized unique cover or a more traditional book cloth cover, World Wide Menu has what you need. Our menus are designed to hold insert sheets under diagonal picture-frame corners, horizontal bar pockets, foursided frames, screw post or three ring metal binders. Most of our menus are turned-edge construction and can be manufactured padded or non-padded.

Contemporary Menu Cover Collection

Del Mar Menu Covers

Beautifully Simple. Simply Beautiful. Make an excellent first impression with these quality covers. Elegant book cloth is fashioned over raised panels without stitching or metal corners. Smooth, solid covers (padded or not) are easy to clean. Learn more about our Del Mar Menu Covers

Naples Menu Covers

Slim-Lined, Contemporary Menu Covers. Bring clean European styling to your diners with our Naples menu covers. These textured hard covers are sleek and contemporary. Choose from the high-tech Techno finish, to Metallic's and a variety of faux like Lizard and Linen. Naples covers wipe clean, are waterproof and tear resistant. All sizes with up to 6 viewing pages. Vibrant to subtle colors & great finishes. Learn more about our Naples Menu Covers

Faux Wood Menu Covers

For a look of genuine wood at an economical price our Faux Wood is an excellent choice. Non-padded with matching corner catches on top and bottom. Logo can be debossed. Learn more about our Faux Wood Menu Covers

Cork Menu Covers

Cork adds a unique look and texture to your menu covers. Our Cork-line comes in all the covers, with your choice of a Full Cork Cover or a Combination Cover...using cork as an accent with our Permaline leather-like material. The edges on these covers are turned and glued to a stiff board for durability, then lined with elegant moiré silk. Foil stamping customizes your covers to complete the presentation. Learn more about our Cork Menu Covers